The Analysis of Industrial Water Treatment Products Using Ion Chromatography Separation with Multiple Detection Systems

  • D. S. Ryder


Ion chromatography is employed in the Industrial Water Treatment field both for monitoring additive levels in application test rigs and for assessment of the purity of new research products. In order to cover the wide range of compounds generated by research, single column ion chromatography is used applying both ion exchange columns and dynamic ion exchange systems, together with conductivity, refractive index, direct and indirect photometric detection. Sequential triple detection provides increased confidence in both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Examples of applications involving the detection of carboxylic acid monomers, phosphonates, oxo acids of phosphorus, inorganic ions and a substituted triazine are presented.


Succinic Acid Tetra Butyl Ammonium Hydroxide Butyl Ammonium Phthalate Buffer Propane Sulphonic Acid 
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  • D. S. Ryder
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  1. 1.Research DepartmentCiba-Geigy Industrial ChemicalsManchesterUK

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