Growth Patterns and Skeletal Maturation During Sex Steroid Suppression and Reactivation in Central Precocious Puberty

  • Paul A. Boepple
  • M. Joan Mansfield
  • John D. Crawford
  • John F. CriglerJr.
  • Kathleen Link
  • Robert M. Blizzard
  • William F. CrowleyJr.


Children with centrally-mediated precocious puberty (CPP) undergo a sequence of hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal activation which appears to be normal except for the age of its occurrence. Premature exposure to gonadal steroids in children with precocity is associated with an acceleration of linear growth identical to the adolescent growth spurt save for the age of its occurrence. Skeletal maturation is even more markedly advanced by this early exposure to gonadal steroids in these patients, often leading to early epiphyseal fusion and compromised adult stature [1–3]


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  • M. Joan Mansfield
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  • John D. Crawford
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  • John F. CriglerJr.
  • Kathleen Link
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  • Robert M. Blizzard
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  • William F. CrowleyJr.
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