Induction of Ovulation With the Combination of LHRH Analog in a Short Protocol and Exogenous Gonadotropins

  • P. Barriere
  • P. Lopes
  • B. Charbonnel


A better control of ovarian hyperstimulation is an important element in improving results of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Many existing therapeutic protocols utilise substances like clomiphene citrate (CC), human gonadotropins (HMG) or GnRH. Because of the overall satisfactory results, the gonadotropins alone or associated with clomiphene citrate have generally been used in the induction of ovulation. However, there are two major drawbacks in these regimens. A proportion of patients show a poor reproductive response due to poor follicular development. The presence of frequent spontaneous LH surges and even elevated LH levels during the late follicular phase before the induction of ovulation by HCG influences the results. To avoid these endogenous pituitary interferences, the production of reversible medical hypophysectomy, by use of GnRH analogs, has been advocated.


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  • P. Lopes
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  • B. Charbonnel
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