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Perspectives in Supramolecular Chemistry Towards Molecular Devices

  • Jean-Marie Lehn
Conference paper


Molecular and supramolecular devices may be defined as structurally organized and functionally integrated chemical systems built into supramolecular architectures. The development of such devices requires the design of molecular components (effectors) performing a given function and suitable for incorporation into an organized array such as that provided by the different types of polymolecular assemblies. The components may be photo-, electro-, iono-, magneto-, thermo-, mechano-, or chemoactive, depending on whether they handle photons, electrons, or ions, respond to magnetic fields or to heat, undergo changes in mechanical properties, or perform a chemical reaction. A major requirement would be that these components, and the devices that they bring about, perform their function(s) at the Molecular and supramolecular levels as distinct from the bulk material.


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