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MULTIWORKS — MULTimedia Integrated WORKStation

  • Roberto Del Moretto
Conference paper


It is a recognized trend that the workstation of the 90’s will be characterized by the ability to process multimedia information. This will provide support for the development of new applications, that will take advantage of the added value provided by the combination of the “traditional” computer media and existing information systems, with digital video and sound technology. The goal of MULTIWORKS is to develop a workstation for the office that manipulates video, graphics, text, voice and sound with facilities comparable to those available today for traditional media: text and graphics. This paper presents the rationale behind the workstation’s design, the technical choices made and its general architecture. It also discusses some of the key, state of the art technology that will be implemented in the workstation. It is expected that industrial partners will incorporate some of Multiworks components in their multimedia products for the 90’s.


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