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Neutral Interfaces for Robotics. Goals and First Results of ESPRIT Project 2614/5109: “NIRO”

  • Ingward Bey
Conference paper


The project NIRO started in December 1989 with 9 partners from 5 EC countries. Continuing the line of ESPRIT Project 322: CAD Interfaces (CAD*I) the project is aiming at the development of neutral interfaces (neutral data formats, processors, and software tools) for the exchange of geometrical, technological, and programming functions and data between CADCAM modules, simulation programmes, and robot control. Results will be introduced directly into the international standardisation process at ISO. First prototype results which cover only partially the finally intended goals will be demonstrated at the end of 1990. Further demonstrations at several user sites (automotive industry, ship building, aerospace manufacturing, and plastic parts manufacturing in 1992 will show the practical advantages of open system architectures in the industrial CIM environment.


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  • Ingward Bey
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  1. 1.Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbHGermany

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