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ESPRIT Project 1561: Sacody Results and Achievements

  • Jean-Luc Faillot
Conference paper


Project SACODY focuses on the development of techniques and tools which are necessary for the implementation of advanced controls for high-speed industrial robots. Specifically, all mechanical manipulators exhibit at high speed coupled dynamic flexions and torsions which limit their performances and can be reduced or suppressed by appropriate control actions.

Issues being adressed in project SACODY deal with the development of modelling, identification and control methods and softwares, constituting a complete set of tools needed to design adapted new control actions.

The performances achieved by new control are tested on laboratory models and will be demonstrated at the end of the project on an industrial robot.

Major outputs of the project are techniques, their implementation into CAD softwares, and their programmation on a robot controller for test on an industrial robot.

This paper outlines the objectives and some of the current achievements of the project.


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