Accretion Disks in Non-Degenerate Binaries

  • Mirek J. Plavec
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 319)


Accretion disks play a very important, often dominant, role in cataclysmic variables, that is, in binary systems where the gainer is a degenerate star. In interacting binaries with non-degenerate components, such as the semidetached binaries of the Algol type, the disks play in general a much more subdued role. In ordinary Algols, they are most likely to be detected by the “shell” line absorption they cause. However, in systems with unusually high rates of mass transfer, such as probably are the W Serpentis stars, larger and more important disks can be anticipated. A case in point is Beta Lyrae, which will be discussed in more detail.


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