Field Quality Control of Marine Data Acquisition — Past, Present, Future

  • S. G. Middleton
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Underwater Technology, Ocean Science and Offshore Engineering book series (AUTOO, volume 25)


Effective quality control of offshore survey operations has traditionally required the quality control representative to have a broad technical knowledge in a range of areas plus sound operational and commercial abilities.

During the last three years however, there has been an increasing emphasis placed on new technical developments, many of which are based on the application of micro-computer technology. Specific examples of this are the use of on-board processing and the wider application of portable and laptop computer systems in a range of offshore operations.

In the short term, this has placed an increasing load on the offshore representative — both in terms of work load, and the requirement to be both computer numerate and to have a basic knowledge of seismic processing. The benefits of such trends have already been significant and promise to provide further benefits as technology advances further.

The paper will review current quality control procedures and comment on the impact which recent technological advances have had. Some ideas on likely development directions over the next three years will also be presented.


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