Enhanced Seismic Methods for Marine Hazard Surveys

  • P. Newman
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Underwater Technology, Ocean Science and Offshore Engineering book series (AUTOO, volume 25)


Using results obtained from existing 3-D marine seismic surveys acquired with a compact recording geometry we show how true-amplitude migration processing can yield remarkably well-defined images of the shallow geology in plan view. Examples of such images are presented showing features of small physical dimensions, as well as a number of responses that are presumed to represent gas hazards. The pictorial quality of intensity-modulated time slice displays is particularly striking. In many cases small yet potentially important targets could remain unsampled by the customary grid of 2-D survey lines, or would be virtually uninterpretable without the benefit of 3-D migration. Even when 3-D methods have been applied, conventional seismic cross sections are inappropriate for displaying responses resulting from fractures or channels that have a small spatial footprint. Commonly, these will remain unnoticed or be dismissed as noise in a vertical seismic profile. The Short-Offset field technique that we propose for this work can be economically applied to hazard surveys. Results suggest that the temporal bandwidth commonly specified for shallow profiling can probably be relaxed when areal data recording methods are applied. Routine application would reasonably be expected to reduce drilling costs whilst significantly improving safety.


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  • P. Newman
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  1. 1.Horizon Exploration Ltd.Swanley, KentEngland

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