UKOOA Recommended Procedures for Mobile Drilling Rig Site Surveys (Geophysical and Hydrographic) — Shallow Gas Aspects

  • P. M. Walker
Part of the Advances in Underwater Technology, Ocean Science and Offshore Engineering book series (AUTOO, volume 25)


UKOOA recommended procedures for mobile drilling rig site surveys have been developed. The procedures are, at present, in a proof form but they have been reviewed by UKOOA members and other interested parties.

The procedures provide information for a standard approach to rig site surveys with emphasis on good oilfield practice.

To illustrate the approach taken by these UKOOA procedures, this paper highlights areas of the procedures of particular interest for shallow gas surveys. Standards to ensure acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic data that is suitable for shallow gas detection throughout the UKCS are proposed. Data examples are provided to illustrate the sensitivity of seismic data quality to acquisition specifications and processing.

One of the conclusions of the procedures is that the quality of the survey results cannot be taken for granted. Careful quality control by specialists is required throughout acquisition, processing and interpretation of the data.

Even with data acquired to the limits of available technology, shallow gas surveys should be viewed as a preventive measure, minimising the possibility of encountering shallow gas, and therefore reducing the risk to acceptable levels for rig owners and their insurers.


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