Eigenvalue Problems with the Symmetry of a Group and Bifurcations

  • B. Werner
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 313)


For parameter dependent nonlinear Γ-equivariant dynamical systems
$$\dot x = g(x,\lambda ),\,g:X \times IR \to X,\,X = I{R^n},$$
, along a branch of Γ-symmetric equilibria {(x(s),λ(s)) : sI} the Jacobians \( A(s): = \tfrac{{\partial g}}{{\partial x}}(x(s),\lambda (s)) \)share the Γ-equivariance with g(.,λ):
$$\gamma A(s) = A(s)\gamma \,for\,all\,\gamma \, \in \,\Gamma $$
.(Here Γ is a compact Lie group of orthogonal nx n-matrices).


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