Mathematical Simulation and Optimization of Chemical Plants

  • F. Kokert
  • L. Peer
  • Hj. Wacker
Part of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry book series (ECMI, volume 5)


In recent years considerable effort has been devoted to the mathematical simulation of chemical plants using flowsheeting techniques. There are three stages to consider:
  1. i)

    synthesizing a total flowsheet (see e.g. M.D.Lu, R.L.Motard [8])

  2. ii)

    Mathematical Simulation (see e.g. H.P.Hutchinson, D.J.Jackson, W.Morton [6], L.M.Timár, F.Simon, Z.Csermely, J.Siklós, S.Bacskai, Eder [12] and Fredenslund [5])

  3. iii)




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  • F. Kokert
  • L. Peer
  • Hj. Wacker

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