RRLs from the Local Interstellae Medium

  • N. G. Bochkarev
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 163)


Great value ζ = 2 10-16-10-13s-1 and uncertainty for ionization rate of the local interstellar medium (LISM) results in expediency of RRL measurement to determine ζ from observations of cold part of LISM: nearby atomic clouds (at first Sancini’s-van Voerden H I filament), diffuse low-mass molecular clouds and IR cirruses. From distribution of ionization inside the clouds there is a chance to make out principal heating mechanism: subcosmic rays (CR) or electromagnetic radiation. Excess of the intensity of RRL in 10-cm range above the relic radiation is suggested to be at least 10-(2+4).


Molecular Cloud Ionization Rate Local Interstellar Medium Radio Recombination Line Lower Limit Estimation 
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