Real-time, three-dimensional echocardiography

Feasibility and its potential use in evaluation of coronary artery disease
  • Joseph Kisslo
  • Olaf Von Ramm
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 113)


It has long been desirable to acquire as much spatial anatomic data about the heart as possible. Two-dimensional echocardiography offered considerable advantages over M-mode echocardiography because of the ability to provide real-time tomographic images of the heart and it extended the ability of practicioners to make complex diagnostic decisions. In the beginning, there were questions by some whether two-dimensional approaches were worth the time and expense. Continued experience with these methods provided an opportunity for clinicians to ask new questions. Similarly, three-dimensional echocardiography appears to be a desirable goal as it would likely provide a method for deriving new anatomic, functional and flow indices of the human heart.


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