Nonlinear Evolution Equations, Quasi-Solitons and their Experimental Manifestation

  • M. Remoissenet
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 310)


We review the typical experimental facts which characterize quasisolitons in one-dimensional real systems, in connection with their modeling by nonlinear partial differential equations.We consider these nonlinear waves or excitations in two different domains of the real world : the macroworld and the microworld. In the macroworld we examine typical one-dimensional devices : the electrical networks, the Josephson transmission lines and the optical fibers, where the localized waves or pulses can be simply and coherently created, easily observed and manipulated on a macroscopic scale. In the microworld, we consider the magnetic chains and polymers, where the indirect experimental signatures of the localized nonlinear excitations are more subtle than for the nonlinear macrowaves. We finally discuss some open problems in the complex and important field of biological chains such as DNA.


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Section 1:Chapter

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Section 2:Chapter

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Section 3:Chapter

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Section 4:Chapter

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