Tuberous sclerosis

  • J. J. De Laey
  • M. Hanssens
Part of the Monographs in Ophthalmology book series (MIOP, volume 14)


According to Morgan and Walfort [90] Rayer in 1835 reported for the first time a case with facial cutaneous lesions, characteristic of what would later be described by Bourneville [18] as ‘tuberous sclerosis’. Although von Recklinghausen [144] is credited with the first pathological description of the disease in an infant with multiple cardiac rhabdomyomas and cerebral sclerosis, Bourneville identified in a young child a syndrome consisting of mental retardation, epilepsy and cerebral lesions. The child eventually died and was found to have tumors of the brain and of the kidneys. Because of the similarity of the brain lesions with potatoes (tubers), Bourneville called his syndrome ‘tuberous sclerosis’. Vogt in 1908 [141] defined the classical triad of sebaceous adenoma of the face, mental deficiency and epilepsy.


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