Neurofibromatosis or von Recklinghausen’s disease

  • J. J. De Laey
  • M. Hanssens
Part of the Monographs in Ophthalmology book series (MIOP, volume 14)


At least four different forms of neurofibromatosis can be considered [76]:
  1. 1.

    von Recklinghausen’s neurofibromatosis

  2. 2.

    bilateral acoustic neurofibromatosis, where the cutaneous lesions, typical of the first form, are often lacking

  3. 3.

    segmental neurofibromatosis, where the typical lesions are confined to one segment of the body and

  4. 4.

    cutaneous neurofibromatosis, which is probably to be considered as a ‘forme fruste’ of generalized neurofibromatosis.



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