Radiolabeled Platelet Deposition Predicts Pseudointimal Hyperplasia in Arterial Prostheses

  • A. C. Meek
  • D. A. J. Galvin
  • R. A. Harper
  • C. N. McCollum
Part of the Developments in Nuclear Medicine book series (DNUM, volume 17)


The lack of a secretory endothelium in vascular prostheses results in the adherence of thrombus onto the luminal surface of the graft. The progressive deposition of platelets, red blood cells and fibrin produces a pseudo intima which can lead to stenosis and thrombotic occlusion (4). Until recently there has been no accurate method by which in vivo thrombus formation could be measured. However, the use of 111-Indium, a high energy gamma emitter for radiolabelling of blood cells, has lead to external detection of platelet thrombus being possible by probe counting and gamma camera imaging (5). We studied 111-Indium platelet uptake on prosthetic grafts in a canine model and investigated the relationship between platelet accumulation and the subsequent development of pseudointimal growth.


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  • A. C. Meek
  • D. A. J. Galvin
  • R. A. Harper
  • C. N. McCollum

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