The Distribution of Weather Radar Images to Agricultural End Users

  • Søren Overgård
  • Erik Wienberg


In the summer of 1988 the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) entered into an agreement with two other organizations to set up a test for the distribution of weather radar images to agricultural end users. The co-partners were Landbrugets EDB-center (LEC) (the Danish Agricultural EDP-Centre) and Landskontoret for Planteavl (LK-P) (the Danish Agriculture Advisory Centre, Department of Plant Production).

A small number of agricultural end users were selected on the basis of locality and function to participate in the project and were at the same time required to keep an sort of diary of their actual use of this type of information. The purpose of this procedure was to try to establish how, on the one hand, the users’ interpretation of these images and, on the other hand, the actual weather and precipitation developments corresponded to one another.

At the end of the test period a meeting was called at DMI where the end users and participant organizations discussed the pros and cons of the system and what could be done to improve the usefulness of the system.

The present paper offers a broad description of the constituent parts of the test. Some of the major ideas for the improvement of this sort of system in itself and in context with other types of data will also be presented.


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