Composite Radar and Satellite Data Processing in the Meteorological System in Spain

A brief description of SIRAM Project
  • Teresa Nevado


ISEL, S.A. is a spanish public company working in the meteorological area.

ISEL is involved in two meteorological projects for de National Meteorological Office in Spain (Instituto Nacional de Meteorología).

SIRAM (Meteorological Radar Integrated System), and

SAIDAS (Meteorological Satellite Data System)

ISEL is the software responsible for both projects.

The SIRAM is a radar network architecture expects a centralized processor to integrate the radar data from up to 13 radars. Each radar connected to a processor constitutes a Regional Centre (RC), and the central processor that concentrate all the radar information to generate a national map constitutes the National Centre (NC).

The purpose of this project is the meteorological surveillance from each RC, and the elaboration in the NC, connected with the RC’s by a low speed asynchronous link, of pictures composed from the individually collected RC’s pictures, and also a set of products coming from the satellite images received by the NC from the SAIDAS system, with which the NC is connected by a high speed channel link.

This system have been developped by ERICSSON RADIO SYSTEM company, the RADAR WEATHER OBSERVATORY of McGill University (Montreal) under the supervision and management of ISEL company. ISEL is doing also the integration of all the components of the system and the communications software of SIRAM itself and between SAIDAS and SIRAM.


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