Some Aspects of Starburst Galaxies

  • Colin A. Norman
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 160)


Three basic aspects of starburst galaxies are discussed. The structure of the interstellar medium of disk galaxies is analyzed and the various modes outlined, namely, the three-phase, the chimney, and the two phase modes. The transitions amongst these states in a starburst phase are discussed. The problem of triggering the burst and of accumulating large amounts of gas in the central regions is studied. The complex interaction between a bar, a central mass concentration such as a black hole, and a system of massive molecular clouds is described and it is shown how very enhanced accretion of gas clouds into the central regions can occur. Implications for the state of galaxies undergoing starbursts are examined including: the interaction of a central starburst with an active galactic nucleus; the production of superwinds and the consequences for quasar absorption lines; and the starbursts seen in high redshift radio galaxies which indicate a possible feedback of the early prodigous burst of star formation on the structure of the underlying galaxy or protogalaxy itself.


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