Changes of Photosynthetic Membrane and Cell Resistance of a Leaf of Wheat Seedlings During Temperature Acclimation

  • A. A. Filimonov
  • V. A. Virolainen
  • E. G. Sherudilo
  • A. F. Titov


Temperature acclimation of plants is known to be connected with the increased resistance of numerous cellular structures and functions (1,2). But if some authors think that adaptation is based on temperature induced conformational rearrangements of macromolecules (1), the others see its reason in a quantitative and qualitative changes observed in the protein complex of a cell (3). We believed (4), that both above mechanisms function in plants mutually supplemeting each other. It is assumed that a real contribution of each of them is dependent on the intensity and duration of temperature effects, biological characteristics of the object and on occumpanying conditions (illumination, humidity, etc).


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  • A. A. Filimonov
  • V. A. Virolainen
  • E. G. Sherudilo
  • A. F. Titov

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