Expression of a Cyanobacterial Gene Regulated by CO2 Concentration

  • Dana Chamot
  • John R. Coleman


Cyanobacteria, a large diverse group of photosynthetic prokaryotes, are known to possess an inducible inorganic carbon (Ci) concentrating mechanism which allows them to photosynthesize efficiently under the CO2 limitations of their environments (1). The accumulation of a large body of physiological evidence has led to the postulation that this mechanism is comprised of several components including a CO2 pump, a HCO3 pump, and the enzyme carbonic anhydrase (CA), which function in concert to supply Rubisco with saturating levels of CO2 when Ci levels in the external medium are limiting (2). This study explores the molecular biology of the cyanobacterial response to low Ci by attempting to clone and characterize the expression of a gene which appears to be regulated by CO2 concentration in the medium.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Dana Chamot
    • 1
  • John R. Coleman
    • 1
  1. 1.Centre for Plant Biotechnology, Dept. of BotanyUniversity of TorontoCanada

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