Differential Sensitivity Toward Sulfate Inhibition Among PSII Complexes in Barley Thylakoids

  • M. Beauregard
  • P. C. Meunier
  • R. Popovic


Oxygen evolution proceeds through a four step mechanism, the S-state cycle, with each step denoted by Sn, n varying between 0 and 3. The removal of chloride by sulfate incubation results in a reversible decrease of O2 evolution activity (1,2,3). Sulfate treatment of photosystem II (PSII) impairs the advancement of the S-state cycle to the S3 state (4,5). Under flashing light, the functionment of the OEC can be characterized by the probability of a ‘miss’ in the advancement of the S-states. Partial, random blockage of the S-state cycle rise the miss probability while the total blockage of a part of PSII centers (e.g. by DCMU) do not affect the miss probability (6).


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  • P. C. Meunier
    • 1
  • R. Popovic
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  1. 1.C.R.P.Universite du Quebec a Trois-RivieresTrois-RivieresCanada

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