Upshift of Light Intensity on Synechocystis 6714 Causes Increases in Glycogen, Respiration, and P700 Reduction

  • Jack Myers


In cyanobacteria respiratory electron transport, measured in darkness as O2 uptake, can also be measured in light in terms of turnover of P700. This is possible because
  1. a)

    Electron transport to O2 uses some of the same carriers which provide for transport from PS2 to PS1 in light.

  2. b)

    Under a light 1 (as 440 or 680 nm) P700 is an effective competitor to cytochrome oxidase and becomes the acceptor for respiratory electrons. This gives rise to the Kok effect, a suppression of O2 uptake.

  3. c)

    Under a light 1 rate of photoreaction 1 is limited by rate of electron supply.



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