Spectral Properties and Molecular Structure of Protochlorophyll, Protochlorophyllide and Chlorophyllide-A Forms in Models and in Isolated Etioplast Membrane Fragments

  • B. Böddi


Pioneering investigations of the chlorophyll biosynthesis have shown that the knowledge of the primary chemical structure of chlorophylls and their precursors is not nearly enough for understanding of the process of this biosynthesis. This is especially true for the final steps of this process; a large body of data has been accumulated about the complicated spectral phenomena during the phototransformation of protochlorophyllide (PChlide) into chlorophyllide-a (Chlide-a) and the phytilization process (see for review l). This, together with the spectral multiplicity of PChlide must be in connection with the differencies in the molecular interactions of the PChlide molecules and with the changes of these interactions (2,3).


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