Marty on Grounded Relations

  • Ingvar Johansson
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Both in Anton Marty’s Untersuchungen zur Grundlegung der allgemeinen Grammatik und Sprachphilosophie (Halle 1908; henceforth referred to as U) and in the posthumously published Raum und Zeit (Halle 1916; henceforth referred to as RZ) a special kind of relation plays an important role. It is important for the understanding of Marty’s views, although it is not discussed at great length by Marty himself. I am referring to his concept of ‘begründete Relationen’. Sometimes he also calls them ‘bedingte Relationen’ or ‘fundierte Relationen’. I shall translate these expressions as ‘grounded relations’. In U they are discussed at §§70, 97, and 98 of the ‘Zweites Stück’, in RZ they are mentioned at §§7, 12, 16, 17, and 27.


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