Acute pericardial disease: an approach to etiologic diagnosis and treatment

  • G. Permanyer-Miralda
  • J. Sagristà-Sauleda
  • R. Shabetai
  • J. Soler-Soler
  • D. H. Spodick
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 108)


Dr. Permanyer: Despite long decades of research and clinical experience, the pericardium still holds mysteries for the clinician. The present Round Table is dedicated to some of them.


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  • G. Permanyer-Miralda
  • J. Sagristà-Sauleda
  • R. Shabetai
  • J. Soler-Soler
  • D. H. Spodick

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