Between the Dreamer and the Mandarin

  • William Kingston
Part of the Studies in Industrial Organization book series (SIOR, volume 12)


Artist, inventor, innovator, entrepreneur, trader — all words which describe people doing things. One senses something in common between them, the meanings of any adjacent pair of words in the group shade off into each other, and yet there is an evident contrast between the extremes. People doing what artists do are obviously not doing what traders do, yet it is perfectly possible to think of individuals to whom several of the descriptions in the list could have been applied during their lifetime. Serge Diagilhev, who made the Russian ballet famous throughout the world, was undoubtedly artist, innovator and entrepreneur all at once. Leonardo da Vinci was outstanding in the first three roles; Edison was everything but an artist at different times. The meanings of these words are worth dwelling on, since it is one of them — “innovator” — that is to be examined at length.


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