The Infoterra Network: A Model of International Information Exchange

  • Linda H. Spencer


The international environmental referral system, known as INFOTERRA, was created by the United Nations Environment Programme following the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden, in June 1972. INFOTERRA has become the world’s largest environmental information system with 136 National Focal Points (NFPs) covering 99% of the world’s population. The NFPs link national and international institutions and experts in a cooperative venture to improve the quality of environmental decision making by providing timely global access to environmental data.

A founding member of the INFOTERRA network, the Unitede States has remained one of the most active partners over the past decade. It is the second largest user of the INFOTERRA services and the number one provider of information. recently, it has initiated a companion relationship with Botswana and the southern African region in an ongoing effort to strengthen networks capabilities.


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