Pouchitis — what’s new in etiology and management?

  • R. J. Nicholls


Pouchitis is a clinical condition associated with inflammation of the ileal reservoir. It was recognized first in continent ileostomies by Kock et al.1 and subsequently in ileoanal ileal reservoirs by Handelsman et al.2 . Histological changes in ileal reservoirs of a chronic inflammatory or atrophic type had been reported in both types of reconstruction by Philipson et a1.3 and Nicholls et a1 4 . Subsequently it was appreciated that pouchitis occurs predominantly in ulcerative colitis and only rarely (if at all) in familial adenomatous polyposis. Various possible causes, including stasis, bacterial flora and biochemical factors (for example short-chain fatty acids or bile salts) have been studied. Various treatments from antibiotics, bile salts, short-chain fatty acids, xanthene oxidase inhibitors and conventional antiinflammatory medication have been tried.


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