Indications and contraindications to reconstructive surgery in ulcerative colitis

  • D. Johnston


Let us assume that the patient needs surgical treatment: either because of failure of medical treatment with steroids and/or azathioprine, or the occurrence of complications such as fulminating colitis, toxic dilatation, hemorrhage, perforation, or malignant or premalignant change. Thus patients who present for surgical treatment do not represent a homogeneous group: most are elective cases but a few are operated upon as emergencies, while a substantial minority require urgent operation. Some are young, some are old; some are relatively fit, others are debilitated and undernourished, while yet others may have serious associated disease of other organ systems. Hence strategies of treatment must take into account not only the extent and severity of the colitis, but the physical state of the patient, the degree of urgency of the operative procedure and finally the experience and training of the surgeon who operates.


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