Barred Galaxies in the Near-IR: Observations and Dynamical Implications

  • E. Athanassoula
Conference paper
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Morphological classifications using frames in the visual wavelengths (Nilson 1973, de Vaucouleurs et al. 1976, Sandage and Tammann 1981) show that one third of all disc galaxies present big bars, like those seen in NGC 1365, 5383, or 1300, while another third have either small bars or ovals. Observations in the near-IR reveal yet more bars in galaxies which were initially thought non-barred (e.g. Hackwell & Schweizer 1983, Scoville et al. 1988, Block & Wainscoat 1991). All these bars show important morphological differences. Thus their axial ratios cover a wide range, while their shape in the disc plane varies from elliptical-like to rectangular-like. Similar comments can be made about their relative amplitude and length with respect to the size of the disc, the existence of dust lanes or ansae, how symmetrically located they are with respect to the disc center etc. Furthermore Elmegreen & Elmegreen (1985) find from a photometric study of 15 barred galaxies that early type galaxies tend to have bars with constant intensity along their semimajor axis and stellar spiral arms with radially decreasing amplitudes, while late type barred galaxies tend to have bars with exponential-like intensity profiles and constant or radially increasing stellar spiral arm amplitudes.


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