Defining the Scope of an Assessment

  • Ron Benioff
  • Sandra Guill
  • Jeffrey Lee
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The first step in conducting a vulnerability and adaptation assessment is to define the scope of the proposed assessment, including the problems of interest and the assessment process to be used (Figure 2.1). The objective of this scoping effort is to focus on important questions and issues and to use limited resources efficiently. The IPCC has outlined a general approach for scoping and problem definition (IPCC 1992). The IPCC outline and Carter and de Rozan (1993) make it possible to describe the steps that can be taken to determine the proper scope of an assessment. The steps are as follows:
  • Identify assessment goals,

  • Define sectors to be studied,

  • Select the study region,

  • Select the time frame,

  • Determine data needs,

  • Develop the context for assessment, and

  • Develop a schedule.


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