The Jets in FRII Radio Galaxies with Z < 0.3

  • Martin Hardcastle
Conference paper
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If we believe that jets trace the energy transport in radio sources, we might in principle expect to see them in every classical double radio galaxy with compact hot spots. Until recently the detection rate of jets in FRII radio galaxies has been low, although most FRII quasars have bright one-sided jets. However, it seems likely that this is due to lack of sensitivity. Black et al. (1992) found jets in up to 70% of a sample of FRII galaxies with z < 0.15. We have observed the FRII sources in Laing et al. (1983) with 0.15 < z < 0.3 and discuss results from the combined samples.


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  1. 1.Mullard Radio Astronomy ObservatoryCavendish LaboratoryCambridgeUK

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