A Circumnuclear Hi Disk in the Compact Symmetric Object 4C31.04?

  • J. E. Conway
Conference paper
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Compact Symmetric Objects (CSO’s) are strong, compact (<1kpc) objects with radio structure and luminosity similar to classical double radio sources (i.e. two lobes and a weak core), but thousands of times smaller (Wilkinson et al 1994). It has been proposed that CSO’s are either young radio sources which will later evolve into classical sources, or sources whose growth is ‘frustrated’ by dense surrounding gas. In a recent survey of z< 0.1 CSO’s searching for HI absorption, approximately 50% were detected (see Conway et al 1996), a much higher percentage than found in surveys of general radio loud ellipticals with similar sensitivity (see van Gorkom et al 1989).


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