Storm Surge Disasters in Beibu Bay (China) and Countermeasures for Their Reduction

  • Yu Rixin
Part of the Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research book series (NTHR, volume 7)


Storm surge disasters in the Beibu Bay China are very serious. The historical documents and in-site investigations show that the years of 1501, 1906, 1934, 1965 and 1986 are those with quite major disaster due to storm surges. The conditions of the historical disasters remind us that the consciousness of disaster prevention and reduction of the whole nation must be strengthened. The technical measures for performing the study on the countermeasure to disaster prevention and reduction due to storm surges in the Beibu Bay can be regrouped into three aspects. The first one is the overall plan to accelerate the establishment of “four lines of defence”. The second is to reinforce the monitoring measures and set up the warning and defence system. The third is to stagger the occurrence time of flood peaks and reduce the peak discharges by using scientific and engineering techniques, the disaster prevention by high buildings and the insurance of tide prevention.


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