Ulysses Observations of the Solar Wind Out of the Ecliptic Plane

  • W. C. Feldman
  • J. L. Phillips
  • B. L. Barraclough
  • C. M. Hammond
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 481)


This chapter presents a summary of Ulysses plasma observations of the global structure of the solar wind in the inner heliospliere (1.3 AU < R < 5.4 AU) made between the maximum and minimum phases of solar cycle 22. Salient features are the presence of a low speed, variable flow that marks the extension of the heliomagnetic streamer belt into interplanetary space. A high speed, relatively structure-free wind flows from the large-area coronal holes that cover both solar polar caps. The streamer belt was roughly planar and tilted by about 30° relative to the ecliptic plane just after the Ulysses Jupiter encounter. It evolved to an approximately 42°- wide disk parallel to the equatorial plane at the time of perihelion. The 30° tilt at the beginning of the high latitude traverse of Ulysses caused the generation of a series of strong corotating interaction regions that were bounded by equatorward-propagating forward shocks at their leading edges and poleward-propagating reverse shocks at their trailing edges. A new class of forward-reverse shock pairs driven by the over-expansion of coronal mass ejections was also observed. Both types of shocks were observed up to — 58° heliographic latitude. The radial and latitudinal dependences of many basic quantities that characterize the high-latitude solar wind are documented and discussed.


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