Conference Summary: Meteoroids

  • Z. Ceplecha
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Summarizing our meeting for its meteoroid part is mostly the task of definition, what meteoroids are. Some are certainly small pieces of comets as we know from meteor-stream comet associations. Jewitt in his invited talk draw our attention to definition of terms: asteroid and comet. It is certainly used as phenomenalistic description of the bodies, but it is also used in variance as denoting composition of the bodies. I heard the term “fireball” at least in three completely different meanings at this Conference. For me it is primarily a dazzling bright meteor in the Earth’s atmosphere: meteoric fireball. We should somehow redefine our terminology. Enormous progress in observing technics also brought asteroids to meteors and vice versa (I mean the phenomenalistic definition of these words). A new population of bodies in the 10-m size range was revealed. Some tell they are small extinct comets, may be building blocks of them, may come once a while in a form of giant comets into the inner solar system, some prefer origin by impacts of asteroids onto the terrestrial planets.


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