Molecular regulation of plasma and tissue angiotensinogen

  • Peter Eggena
  • Jack D. Barrett


In the classical endocrine renin-angiotensin system, circulating angiotensin peptides participate in a number of biologically important processes, including regulation of blood pressure [1], sodium homeostasis [2], production of antidiuretic hormone [3] and modulation of catecholamine release [4]. Complete renin systems, whether originating in part or completely from the circulation or derived from local synthesis, have also been observed in a variety of tissues. Locally generated angiotensin II may regulate a host of additional autocrine, paracrine or intracrine functions. However, in both the circulation and in tissues, angiotensinogen is the sole precursor of these peptide hormones. It is the purpose of this chapter to explore the regulation and functional consequences of angiotensinogen gene expression.


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