Endoscopic Resection for Submucosal Tumors

  • Pinghong Zhou
  • Liqing Yao
  • Xinyu Qin


Submucosal tumors (SMTs) are common in upper GI tract and appears as elevated submucosal mass with intact overlying mucosa. These submucosal lesions, mainly arise from non-epithelial mesenchymal tissue in the GI wall, including stromal tumor, leiomyoma, lipoma or vascular tumors etc. EUS examination can usually determine characteristics the lesions. Snare polypectomy by electrocautery technique is simple and can obtain accurate pathological diagnosis. But there is risk of incomplete resection, postoperative bleeding and perforation. Ligation therapy is simple for thin pedicle lesions, with low risk of hemorrhage and perforation, but lack of postoperative pathologic diagnosis.


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