The ‘High Point’ of Thought: On the Future Thrust of all Transcendence

  • Simon Farid Oliai
Part of the Islamic Philosophy and Occidental Phenomenology in Dialogue book series (IPOP, volume 7)


In the aftermath of the “deconstruction” of the famous Platonic dichotomy between the sensuous “real” and the eternally self-identical world of “ideal” essences anticipated by Nietzsche, a new and universal era in philosophical thought shall have begun. An era in which the conceptual as well as the broader cultural resources of both modern phenomenology and classical illuminationist Islamic thought could be effectively drawn upon in attaining a new “high point of thought”. A “high point” whose endless attainment shall be underpinned by the pursuit of the project of a “New Enlightenment”. A “New Enlightenment” which views both the essence of man and that of the divine as “no-thing” other than the negative freedom to transcend all manner of given sensory which purports to restrict man's radically free and finite “be-coming” in history.


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