Contribution of CircUse Approach to Understanding of the Urbanized Land Use Dynamics

  • Jirina Bergatt Jackson
  • Anna Starzewska-Sikorska
Conference paper


The project CircUse (Circular Flow Land Use Management) is financed from the Program CENTRAL EUROPE. Twelve partners have prepared the concept of the Circular Land Use Management, which represents an integrative policy and governance approach. To implement such an approach, a changed land use philosophy is needed in respect of the urbanised land utilization. Such a modified land use philosophy can be expressed with a slogan “avoid—recycle—compensate”. This approach is very similar to recycling-based principles, commonplace today for waste or water. The materials’ recycling can also serve as a suitable model.

The project partners reviewed key instruments, which have affected the governance, planning, information and organisation, cooperation modes, funding or marketing of already urbanized land in six different countries. Several new instruments designed to strengthen the urbanized land use management were produced by the project. An inventorying tool suitable for a local administration use was developed. This tool helps local communities or urban regions in recording the inner development potential of their urbanized land (brownfields, vacant land, gaps est.). It also helps in recording and considering the available developable Greenfield land. The Integrated Action Plans were prepared for pilot areas in 6 countries to help implementing the CircUse project approach to the Circular Flow Land Use Management. Model proposals for institutional set ups on local or regional scale were prepared and Pilot Projects demonstrating the CircUse project principles were implemented.

This paper describes in further details the project CircUse outputs and it would share various experiences, which partners gained, while implementing the CircUse project common approach of the Circular Flow Land Use Management. It would also comment on efforts in the Czech Republic aiming to promote evaluation of the urbanized land inner development potential and this development potential actual accessibility.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jirina Bergatt Jackson
    • 1
  • Anna Starzewska-Sikorska
    • 2
  1. 1.IURS-Institut pro udržitelný rozvoj sídel o. s.OstravaCzech Republik
  2. 2.IETU-Institute for Ecology of Industrial AreasKatowicePoland

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