Simulations of the Impact of Lake Area on Local Microclimate by Using COSMO NWP Model

  • Kristýna Bartůňková
  • Zbyněk Sokol
  • Jaroslav Fišák
Conference paper


A hydric coal mine restoration creates new water areas, which change surface characteristics of the locality. These changes consist primarily in different thermal properties, different surface roughness and different albedo compared to the original surface. It is evident that the hydric restoration influences the atmosphere and thus affects the temperature and humidity, as well as other meteorological quantities around the lake. The impact of the restoration can influence much larger areas by changing precipitation climatology.

This study deals with the quantitative evaluation of the impact of a new lake, which was created by hydric restoration of a coal mine, on local climate. First results of a numerical weather prediction model are presented.


Local Climate Wind Speed Profile Meteorological Situation COSMO Model Cloud Microphysical Scheme 
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This work was supported by grants TA01020592. The COSMO code was kindly provided by the German Weather Service, which was highly appreciated.


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  • Kristýna Bartůňková
    • 1
  • Zbyněk Sokol
    • 1
  • Jaroslav Fišák
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Atmospheric Physics, AS CRPrague 4Czech Republic

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