Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Based on Tone Labeling in the Corpus and Multi-Model Corpus

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The paper analyses the different systems of corpus labeling, such as TODI, TOBI, and IVIE, which are three kinds of speech labeling system, and the paper puts forward a suitable labeling system of multi-modal corpus for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The corpus includes eight levels of character description and labeling of speech tagging system. The system of labeling is applied to the improvement of the labeling method of TIMIT, which has the layer of phonetic transcription, the layer of phoneme layer, the layer of intermittent index, the lay of stress, the layer of target, the layer of phonology, and the layer of the behavior (includes the layer of posture and the layer of movement, and the layer of miscellanea. Finally, we label on the experimental corpus, and it can obtain better results in the process of teaching Chinese phonetic than before.


Corpus Labeling Teaching Chinese as a foreign language 



The research has been financially supported by the project of education reform from Beijing International Studies University, which is called “Research on the Mode of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in the Sight of the Cross-Cultural Education Case Studies”, and the number of the project is 2013jg1230.


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  1. 1.The School of International CommunicationBeijing International Studies UniversityBeijingChina

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