Strategy and Analysis of Emotional Education into the Cooperative Learning in Microcomputers Teaching

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Cooperative learning emphasizes the unity and uses all positive factors to let the leaner be integrated into the team in order to improve themselves together. If we integrate the emotional education into the cooperative learning that would not only help to study and explore the truth continually, but also be conducive to heritage the university spirit of absorbing everything and cooperating with everything. This is a kind of ideal situation of cooperative learning. So in microcomputer teaching, we use the above method which is also an efficient way to carry out the moral education in college. From the analysis of the present situation of emotion education, this paper puts forward a strategy of integrating the emotional education into the cooperative learning in microcomputer teaching, and the result shows that the effect of the strategy implementation is good, which provides the good reference for the related teaching.


Cooperative learning Microcomputer Emotional education 



The studies were funded by Heilongjiang High Education Reform Project (JGZ201201005) and Heilongjiang High Education Reform Project: the construction and research of the teaching mode of the guiding learning in “Microcomputer Principle” lessons and the reform project: Teaching reform research of the embedded course in application-oriented college.


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  1. 1.Institute of Computer ScienceDaqing Normal UniversityDaQingChina

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