Study on Evaluation Index System of Hotel Practice Base Based on Bias Analysis and Reliability and Validity Test

  • Changfeng Yin
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The satisfaction degree with the hotel practice base not only embodies the quality of teaching, but also reflects the management level of hotel to some extent. Applying SPSS19.0 statistical software technology, by bias analysis and reliability and validity test, The paper makes analysis on the survey data about satisfaction degree with practice hotels for students of grades 2009 and 2010 majored in tourism management in Hefei University by means of mathematical models on reliability analysis, validity analysis and difference test etc. comes to the conclusion that University-enterprise cooperation has obtained the greatest satisfaction and Satisfaction degree of students has obtained the least satisfaction among the factors affecting the satisfaction with the practice base of students. In addition, the internship satisfaction of students varies greatly with hotels of different cooperation degrees, different levels of hotels and different departments.


Hotel Practice base Evaluation Research Bias analysis Reliability Validity test 



Key project of Teaching and Research funded by Anhui Provincial Education Department (2012jyxm472); project of Teaching and Research funded by Hefei University.


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