Research on Nerve Electrophysiology of Chronic Pharyngitis Based on Automobile Exhaust Pollution

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The clinical characteristics of the study in patients with chronic pharyngitis, peripheral neuropathy and nerve electrophysiological testing analysis. The method detected 80 cases of patients with chronic pharyngitis median nerve, nerve, perennial motor nerve conduction velocity (MCV) and F-wave, tibiae nerve, median nerve, ulnas nerve sensory nerve conduction velocity (SCV) and F-wave and 78 cases of healthy people without drinking hobby as control. 80 patients with chronic pharyngitis MCV decreased abnormal rate of 65.6 %, SCV decline, abnormal rate of 81.8 %. Significant difference compared with the control group (P < 0.01), the SCV involvement more MCV. Detection of neurons physiological abnormalities is earlier than clinical symptoms. The electrical nerve is detecting early diagnosis of chronic pharyngitis and guide treatment.


Chronic pharyngiti Electrophysiology Peripheral neuropathy Automobile exhaust pollution 


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  1. 1.Environmental and Biological Engineering CollegeJilin Institute of Chemical TechnologyJilinChina

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