Research of Education Training Model by Stages for College Students’ Information Literacy

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As the required knowledge and ability for humans, information literacy has gained more and more widespread attentions from the domain of international education. It’s one of the important goals for personnel training of higher education to provide college students information literacy education. Efforts have been made to develop the students’ information consciousness, information skills, information morality and to improve college students’ ability of creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Based on the information literacy questionnaire for undergraduates from Jiangsu University and Yangzhou University, and the citation analysis of master thesis in Vehicle Engineering, Jiangsu University from 2010 to 2012, this research is aiming to put forward the new training model by stages for college students’ information literacy, and to construct a complete training system which is adapted to the present domestic university development and the training focus of different stages.


Information literacy Questionnaire survey Citation analysis 


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